IECT means Information, Electronics and Communication Technology and applications of IECT is topic for Concept of Course on Computer Concepts -CCC, conducted by NIELIT

Applications of IECT-CCC

  • IECT or Information, Electronics and Communication Technology are used in various sectors.
  • IECT can be used to generate quality manpower.

Example of some of the sectors are       

  • e­-Governance,
  • Entertainment Multimedia and
  • Education etc.,
Applications of IECT -  CCC Computer


e ­Governance is a key to make information technology (IT) relevant to ordinary citizens.

It allows citizens to communicate with Government and participate in the Governments′ policy making.

It is a network of organizations to include Government, nonprofit and private ­sector entities.

In e ­Governance, there are no distinct boundaries.

The model for e­Governance is a one ­stop portal, such as first, where citizens have access to a variety of information and services.

An ideal portal would be one for employment where a citizen creates a profile and is presented with employment opportunities at the federal, state, local, non ­profit and private ­sectors.

e-governance Models

The primary delivery models of e-­Governance can be divided into:

  • G2C- Government to­ Citizen or Government­ to ­Customer (G2C).
  • G2B- Government ­to ­Business (G2B).
  • G2G-Government ­to ­Government (G2G).
  • G2E-Government ­to ­Employees (G2E).

Within each of these interaction domains, four kinds of activities take place:

  • Pushing information over the Internet e.g.: regulatory services, general holidays, public hearing schedules, issue briefs, notifications etc.
  • Two ­way communications between the agency and the citizen, a business, or another Government agency.
  • In this model, users can engage in dialogue with agencies and post problems, comments or requests to the agency.
  • Conducting transactions e.g.: lodging tax returns, applying for services and grants.
  • Governance e.g.: online polling, voting and campaigning.
  • The primary delivery models of E­-Government are classified depending on who benefits.
  • In the development of public sector or private sector portals and platforms, a system created that benefits all constituents.
  • Citizens needing to renew their vehicle registration have a convenient way to accomplish it while already engaged in meeting the regulatory inspection requirement.
  • To develop these public sector portals or platforms, Governments have the choice to internally develop and manage, outsource or sign a self ­funding contract.
  • The self­ funding model creates portals that pay for themselves through convenience fees for certain e­-Government transactions, known as self ­funding portals.

Entertainment Multimedia

  • Multimedia is a combination of sound and images with text and graphics.
  • This would include movies, animations, music, people talking, sound effects like the roar of a crowd and smashing glass.
  • The field of entertainment uses multimedia extensively.
  • One of the earliest applications of multimedia was for games.
  • Multimedia made possible innovative and interactive games that greatly enhanced the learning experience.
  • Games could come alive with sounds and animated graphics.

Sound Input

  • Recording sounds for your computer system requires special equipment.
  • Microphones can capture sounds from the air, which is good for sound effects or voices.

Voice Input

  • Talking data into the computer system when your hands and eyes are busy should certainly be more efficient.
  • You can tell the computer system what to do instead of typing commands, like saying “Save file”.
  • Be careful enough while giving the sound input with regard to pronunciation of words.
  • Also there could be a problem that dictionary of understood words does not include some of the more “forceful” words.

Video Input

  • A Digital Camera takes still photos but records the pictures on computer system disks or memory chips.
  • The information contained can be uploaded to a computer system for viewing.
  • A Video Camera or Recorder (VCR) can record data that can be uploaded to the computer system with the right hardware.
  • Though it is not digital data, you can still get good results with the right software.
  • Both of these take huge amounts of storage.
  • Photos make for very large files.
  • A Web Cam – a tiny video camera designed especially to sit on your computer system.
  • It feeds pictures directly to the computer system as there would be no tape or film to develop.
  • Of course the length of the cable that connects the camera to the computer system would be a limiting factor.
  • But like any camera, it will take a picture of what you point it at.

Multimedia Business

  • Even basic office applications like a word processing package or a spreadsheet tool becomes a powerful tool with the aid of multimedia business.
  • Pictures, animation and sound can be added to these applications, emphasizing important points in the documents.

Virtual Reality

  • Virtual reality is a truly absorbing multimedia application.
  • It is an artificial environment created with computer system hardware and software.
  • It is presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels real.
  • In virtual reality, the computer system controls three of the five senses.
  • Virtual reality systems require extremely expensive hardware and software and are confined mostly to research laboratories.


  • Another multimedia application is Videoconferencing.
  • Videoconferencing is conducting a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer system networks to transmit audio and video data.

Applications of IECT for CCC Computer Course

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