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Nielit conduct Course on Computer Concepts Certificate Exam every month. CCC Exam Paper of PDF, of previous month consist 100 Questions is for free Download. This exam did not carry negative marking and Minimum 50 Marks required to qualify.

Pattern of CC Exam

The Online Test of CCC conducted by NIELIT as per following pattern.

Number of Question :100
Total Marks : 100
Qualify Marks : 50
No Negative Marking

NIELIT CCC Paper PDF Download

Please Click on below download button for PDF

10 Random Computer Knowledge Questions from the Question Bank in 5 Minutes.


CCC Exam Practice: 10 Random Questions

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A device which allows the computer to communicate with you is called….. ऐसी डिवाइस जो , कंप्यूटर को आपके साथ कम्यूनिकेट करने देते है ………. कहलाती है |

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एकल संचार पथ को क्या कहा जाता है ?

What is a single communication path called?

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Charles Babbage is the father of computer

चार्ल्स बैबेज कंप्यूटर के जनक हैं

4 / 10

IMAC is the name of –

5 / 10

General Insurance किसके लिए होता है

For whom general insurance is ?

6 / 10

RBI द्वारा सबसे अधिक मूल्यवर्ग का करेंसी नोट जारी होता है

The highest denomination currency note is issued by the RBI

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इंटरनेट एड्रेस किस रूप मे संयोजित होते है।

How are Internet addresses combined?

8 / 10

निम्नलिखित में कौन-सा HTML टैग टाइटल को डिफाइन करता है?

Which of the following HTML tags defines the title?

9 / 10

किसी एक वेबसाइट को कहते है

Website are called


10 / 10

Open window

Your score is

CCC Topic Wise Questions

Please Press / Click on the following Highlighted Topic for Online Practice of CCC NIELIT Exam

Topics wise Online Test as par New Syllabus of CCCClick on Image for Online Test
Computer Fundamentals Questions
Operating System Questions
MS Office Questions
LibreOffice Questions
Networking Mock Test
Digital Financial Tools
Future Skill and Cyber Security

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