Computer Data and Information

NIELIT CCC and Basic Computer Course, Topic :Computer Data and Information : Details with Video explained in Hindi

Data and information: Computer

  • In general, raw data that has been verified to be accurate and timely, is specific and organized for a purpose, is presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance.
  • And which leads to increase in understanding and decrease in uncertainty.
Computer Data and Information


  • Collection of facts.
  • Raw Information.
  • Processing.
  • Sequence of actions required to be performed on data to convert it into results.
  • For example, a merit list is generated after processing the raw information available about the marks of each student.


  • Useful Information.
  • Facts in organized manner.
  • The computer system is an electronic data processing device.
  • It is capable of taking input, processing it to generate useful information (output) and store both input as well as the output.

The data processing cycle comprises of following 4 distinct stages viz. :­

  1. Input: Data is collected and entered into the computer system. This is called input process.
  2. Storage: What is entered into the computer system is stored in its main memory.
  3. This storage is temporary i.e. the contents of the memory are lost when the power is switched off.
  4. Another memory, called secondary memory, is used to store the information of the main memory permanently.

Processing & Output

  Processing :

  • The sequence of actions that are performed on the data stored in the main memory, to get results is called processing.
  • Results are stored in the main memory till they are transferred to an output device.
  • Stored results are taken out of the main memory.
  • This process is known as output process.

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