O Level Exam Fee

The details of ‘O’ Level fee to be deposited with NIELIT Delhi is furnished below:-

Fee Charter for NIELIT ‘O’,’A’,’B’,’C’ Levels (w.e.f. 01st April’ 2019)

ComponentsRevised Fee
Registration fee for O/A/B/C Level500.00
Re-Registration fee for O/A/B/C Level750.00
Exam Application Processing fee100.00
Exam fee for each Theory Module of O/A/B/C Level750.00
Exam fee for each Practical Module of O/A/B/C Level   500.00
Improvement of Theory Module fee1000.00
O Level Project fee100.00
A Level Project/B Level First Project fee1000.00
Mini Project Fee500.00
Final B Level Project fee5000.00
Final C Level Project fee5000.00
Issue of Duplicate Certificate fee O/A/B/C Level150.00
Re-Totaling of Answer Script fee200.00
Disclosure of Answer Script fee500.00
Exemption fee (Per Paper)500.00
Fees for issuing Module certificate for O/A/B/C Levels150/- per module certificate
Verification photocopies of Certificate/Transcripts Miscellaneous Certificates100.00
Additionally GST(currently @18%) applicable will be charged from C Level Candidates.

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